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The 'Cultural Manager' online course surpassed all personal expectations of what a online course could be. It was informative, stimulating and engaging. The dedication of everyone that was involved in its organisation and conducting is inspiring and admirable. I learned so much new information not only about the culture of the other participants, but of my own country. The inclusive and positive energy of everyone involved in this course created a safe environment where I could express myself freely. All topics were clearly presented and backed up with examples and fun activities. Although there were small technical issues from time to time, they were quickly resolved. The quality of the course and my personal experience were not affected by them. This course left a positive impact on me and I would recommend it to anyone that is interested in this topic. I can't wait to apply everything that I have learnt during this four days.


The course has been very informative: promoting intercultural awareness, spread the knowledge about different tools and share how to handle a cultural project is fundamental. Thank you very much to all of you!

Shaharia Parvez

This online course is be thinked very well if you never dealt with the cultural management and the trainer are very professionist in this field


This ERASMUS+ project was very interesting and helpful even though the current COVID situation. I learned a lot of things about managing a project from the important parts of a project to the different techniques and methods to use and I think now I would be able to manage a project on my own. I found a lot of interesting things about other cultures and mine as well from the other participants. The whole experience was very informative and great fun.

Abdus S

Everything was perfect!


I liked discovering places I had never seen before and information I didn't know about and it was a beautiful experience


I really liked when I visited the Romanian Athenaeum, because I have a lot of memories there and because it gave me a very good feeling to see those places again, most of which I spent a lot of my childhood


It seemed to me an experience in which we had the opportunity to learn many things about history, but also about monuments that until now we were just passing


It was pleasant, I discovered interesting things through the places I went. I liked very much. It was a new, beautiful, interesting experience and I would always participate in such an event


The history I found out and the architecture I saw seemed very amazing to me and I have never seen it before. To young people, I wholeheartedly recommend this type of action, because it is very interesting, we move, we do sports, we learn a lot of useful things


It was a very beautiful treasure hunt. That means gathering with many people and discovering history and the past together and having fun, most importantly. I am very passionate about cities, urbanism and I am curious about the wonderful images and histories of cities


“Starting with the first day, we had some interesting discussions, related to the topic of the project and mostly about the development of the app “Discover Your Region”. We discussed different possibilities for its future and we looked for answers to the following questions: How could we promote it better? How can the app reach the right target groups in the most efficient way? Is the physical promotion better than the one online? What features can we add to the app? How can we improve the design of the app?... To sum up, I’d like to say that this short meeting was more than amazing. I’m mostly thankful for the opportunity to have real face to face communication with the other partners”

Boyan Todorov

“The meeting in Olsztyn was an interesting experience. The project group was really diverse and interesting and Olsztyn was a very pleasant city. Most of our time there was spent in the local community center where we discussed the "Explore your region app" and how to advertise it, plus some additional details on future meetings and such. We were also shown a lot of cultural projects by the polish group and some were really interesting and even inspiring, especially one site with a map of historical sites over all of Poland, it was full of historical information, but what really stood out was also its amazing aesthetic which personally even reminded me of a videogame which showed a really interesting approach to interesting younger people in history. The community and project partners were friendly, welcoming and communicative”

Yoan Trendafilov
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Some of our testimonials
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