COOLture among young people

Project funded by the Erasmus Plus program, Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships

Duration of implementation: 28 months

Period: 01 / 02 / 2020 – 5 / 31 / 2022

Grant: EUR 295,969


The project “COOLture among young people” aims at the long-term preservation of the European Cultural Heritage through the promotion, awareness and intercultural cooperation and the commitment of the stakeholders, especially youth NGOs.

The project emphasizes cultural education by creating specific tools available to the public and implementing training in this area, both for the staff of the partners involved and for the young people from the communities involved.

As a final result, the project will raise awareness of the importance of Cultural Heritage in the lives of young people and in the successful development of regional communities by creating international instruments and actions in all 5 countries, which will promote and remind young people about local heritage.

By creating different tools (applications, platform, brochure, toolkit), we will enable young people to find out about the European heritage existing in the partner regions and to have a unique cultural experience.

The main purpose of this project is the exchange of good practices and the contribution to the development of social businesses related to Cultural Heritage in the 5 communities through the use of non-formal education and digital tools created by young people.

Specific objectives:

1. Increase no. social enterprises by training at least 70 youth workers from 5 countries in entrepreneurial competences / cultural management, during 10 months;

2. Raising awareness of at least 1000 young people about the importance of European Cultural Heritage by involving young people in heritage conservation;

3. Improving local / national tourism by involving young people in the development of digital tools to promote their Cultural Heritage.


  » Tools developed during the project

1. Toolkit for Cultural Heritage

Handbook with innovative methods for educational support and professional development of young people in matters of Cultural Heritage. The handbook will include methods based on non-formal education and will integrate non-formal learning concepts with theoretical practices.

2. Booklet Cultural Managers & Social Entrepreneurs

A manual that will include a set of transferable and adaptable tools for training managers and entrepreneurs in the field of Cultural Heritage. It will contain information / training materials for social entrepreneurs / cultural managers, materials that can be easily disseminated to any organization in Europe.

3. The COOLPlatform

An accessible source (even from mobile phones), friendly with young people, which will contain practical guides for the development of social businesses in the field of Cultural Heritage. Also, the platform will also contain a database of theoretical documents, links to other websites specific to Cultural Heritage and materials developed during the project, as well as all the obtained results.

4. Discover your region Apps

The mobile application will include: real-time notifications about the beautiful things happening in the participating cities; hiking trails in all cities, where people can keep track of their activity and discover new and interesting routes to visit.

  » Training Events

During the project, we plan to conduct 5 specific activities – 3 Training Courses for youth workers and 2 Youth Exchanges. The main aim of the training’s included in the project will be to ensure the quality and impact of the Intellectual Outputs.

This will be done by applying, testing and evaluating by the participants during the activities. These events will ensure that all participants involved in the project will create a long-lasting network that may serve as a source for support, advice partners, human resources etc. for both the staff and the youth involved.

  » Multiplier Events

In all partner countries we will organise a Multiplier Event upon completion of the Intellectual Outputs, to present the developed materials to relevant stakeholders and potential users. During these events the maximum possible number of youth workers and social workers as well as teachers, trainers will be informed about the potential of using the Intellectual Outputs. The events will focus on the presentation of the project results; its impact and will shape the longer term sustainability plans of the project. The network of stakeholders will consist of entities and stakeholders from education, parent boards, youth work, social work, youth programmes, business, government and research to ensure a large multiplier effect among the communities.


Ø  Raise awareness of the project and its results;
Ø  Present ideas and recommendations for youth organisations considering the use of COOLPlatform;
Ø  Encourage exploitation of results by the direct and indirect target groups;
Ø  Present the impact of the “COOLture among young people” project (results).