COOLPlatform 4 Youth

The main purpose of this youth mobility is to test is to test IO3 – COOLplatform with young people and to propose any features extra to the ones created. This will be done by applying, testing and evaluating features of the platform by 30 participants during the sessions.

Location: Dwity, Poland.

Period: 08-2021

The objectives of the youth mobility are:

Ø  To raise awareness among the participants and other youth on the importance of protecting and promoting cultural heritage, as well as the platform to use;
Ø  To gain skills, competences and knowledge in the fields like cultural heritage, tourism, entrepreneurship, digital skills;
Ø  To promote creativity in the local and regional community by implementing specific activities with youth workers formed during previous trainings;
Ø  To develop international and intercultural cooperation among youth, NGOs, stakeholders, institutions.

The methods that will be used inside the activity are pure facilitation methods, generally used in a non-formal context of learning (like storytelling, theatre plays, debates, role plays, World Cafe, Open Space, Living Library, others).