Asociatia “AXA DE DEZVOLTARE BRASOV-BUCURESTI-CONSTANTA” was established for the purpose of sustainable development of the administrative-territorial units that make up the association and an entire limitrophic area thereof, by jointly developing public or regional development projects and by providing joint public services.

The objectives of the association are:

a) Sustainable development of the entire functional urban area (conurbation) and of all administrative-territorial units that make up the association by elaborating and implementing integrated development plans.
b) Improvement and development of the transport, telecommunication and energy infrastructure of the territorial administrative units that make up the association and of the entire surrounding urban area;
c) Development, modernisation and improvement of public services;
d) Integrated economic development, urban infrastructure and service improvement;
e) Development of tourism and the tertiary sector;
f) Development of new residential areas, according to European standards;
g) Develop human resources, increase employment rates and combat social exclusion and social imbalances;
h) Effective and integrated administration of the potential of the area;
i) Attracting new investments and increasing access to resources;
j) Organisation and participation in vocational training, professional conversion, seminars and conferences;
k) Development of own projects and programs and in partnership with other natural and legal persons in the country and abroad;
l) Environmental protection and promotion of sustainable development policies;
m) Other activities provided by law, according to the purpose of the association.

The association has 3 territorial centres based in each city – Bucharest, Brasov and Constanta.

Asociatia “AXA DE DEZVOLTARE BRASOV-BUCURESTI-CONSTANTA” aims to develop projects in the following areas: Sustainable Development / Infrastructure / SMART Cities / Environment protection / Tourism /Culture. To achieve its purpose and objectives, the association collaborates and develops projects and programs in partnership with central public authorities, non-governmental organizations and other national and international bodies. Carrying out development projects of zone or regional interest, joint planning of public investments and joint provision of quality public services are the main benefits of the partnership.

Within the partnership, each municipality has a series of specific goals, which is achieved by collaborating with the other municipalities involved.

The principles underlying the operation of the association are:

Ø  respecting the autonomy of the administrative-territorial units that build the association;

Ø  integrated sustainable development of the entire area;

Ø  sustainable development of administrative-territorial units;

Ø  subsidiarity, through the participation of the population in the decision-making process;

Ø  partnership;

Ø  decisional transparency.