Cultural Manager

Project funded by the Erasmus Plus program, Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships


This course is addressed to young people from the 5 partner communities in the project, aged between 15 and 26, who want to develop projects or activities in the cultural field.

What we propose

• participants design personal project plans, on which they receive individual feedback from trainers;

• trainers present case studies of relevant cultural projects in which they were directly involved.

The course will have an informal format, the participants being encouraged to get to know each other, to exchange experience and to find practical and creative solutions for the projects they are working on or about to carry out.

The course proposes an enriched information delivery formula, with the participation of at least 2 trainers with experience in youth work.


ü  What are the creative industries;

ü  What is a project, the usefulness of working on projects, laws of project management;

ü  Project tree: problem, purpose, objectives, Work Breakdown Structure;

ü  Map of project stakeholders;

ü  SWOT and risk management plan;

ü  Strategic partnerships;

ü  Project resources (human, financial and non-financial);

ü  Funding sources for cultural projects;

ü  Budget;

ü  Communication strategy planning: communication tools and environments;

ü  Cultural results and products;

ü  Monitoring and evaluation.

The course will take place online for 4 days (6 hours / day).