Cultural Managers 2 BE

International working meeting on the Romanian coast! 30 young people from Italy, Bulgaria and Poland carried out activities and created materials on the topic of cultural heritage

It was a summer full of events and activities for the AXA Development Association Bucharest-Brasov-Constanta (AXA B.B.C.), coordinator of the project “COOLture among young people”. After more than a year of the pandemic, during which the projects carried out and financed from European funds through the Erasmus Plus program moved to the online platforms, between June and July, AXA B.B.C. started transnational face-to-face courses and meetings with the partners and volunteers in the project.

Almost 30 young people, youth workers and volunteer partners, arrived in Costinesti resort to take part in the first “Short-Term Staff Event” (June24-July 2). During the approximately 10 days,the participants analyzed the completed intellectual products such as the COOLPlatform (, a friendly site, easy to access and that includes, among others, podcasts, testimonials and which is an indispensable database when we talk about cultural heritage. At the same time, the young people worked on the completion of a manual with innovative methods for the educational support and professional development of young people in terms of cultural heritage, as well as the Discover your region mobile application, with real-time information about what is happening beautifully in the partner cities in the project, tourist routes that include the most beautiful heritage objectives with interesting maps and descriptions, but also other information about what places you can visit near these objectives.  In addition to the activities and materials carried out and created, the young people also enjoyed the beauty of the Romanian seaside, visited the Costinesti resort, learned information about the history of the places and also had stories less known by foreigners, about the buildings and heritage objectives in Constanta, from the mouth of the only tourist guide of the city, Diana Slav, who offered them an interactive tour. And with these working meetings at the waterfront. Axis B.B.C has also started the other training and multiplication events included in the project implementation calendar, which will be carried out later by each partner country in the project.

The project “COOLture among young people” is a project that promotes and encourages the cultural heritage, a legacy left from generation to generation, an identity landmark that bears the testimony of traditions, beliefs and values of a civilization, of historical events and the evolution of society. “COOLture among young people” focuses on cultural education and awareness of the importance of cultural heritage in the lives of young people and in the prosperous development of communities. The “COOLture among young people” project has an implementation period of 24 months and is funded through the Erasmus Plus programme.