Discovering Olsztyn, Poland through our transnational project meeting “COOLture among young people”

A new journey, a new cultural experience, new friendships and new opportunities for development. This is how we could describe the experience lived in Poland, in Olsztyn, during the third transnational meeting with the partners from the project “COOLture among young people”. There were two intense days, in which we combined usefulness with pleasure. We discovered local traditions, interesting places, unique activities and attractive projects.

The first day began in full force. Together with the partners, we took a look at the Toolkit for Cultural Patrimony (based on Non-Formal Education). Each partner checked the content and structure of the manual and sent feedback on any changes that we need to make, so the final result is the desired one. At the same time, we had discussions about future events through which the manual could be disseminated among the community and each partner offered examples – board games, quizzes, festivals, workshops and online channels.

Another important point in the meeting was related to the Discover Your Region” mobile app. We discussed about different possibilities for its future and we looked for answers to the following questions: how could we promote it better? How can the app reach the right target groups in the most efficient way? Is the physical promotion better than the one online? What features can we add to the app? How can we improve the design of the app?

The idea of adding a certain page in the app where local artists and craftsmen could link their websites and online shops for different crafts and handmade products was also taken into account. Moreover, we had several ideas about how this could be a win-win situation for both sides, meaning that promoting them to our target group would end up in them promoting us to their audience. Later, we took some time to discuss the upcoming meetings in 2022. We focused on their specifications and went through several points of their organization process.

At the end of the day, we meet a lady that works in the GOK as an art and crafts teacher. She led a great workshop in which we were given the chance to produce some handmade magnets out of clay. It was quite interesting and entertaining. In the end, we got to paint some of the already “baked” magnets and see how they’d turn out to look.

            The next day began a little more relaxed. We have debated and detailed together with our partners the calendar of upcoming events, mobility that we will organize in 2022, so a busy and eventful year is announced. Towards the end of the day, we discovered other things about Poland, less known. We were shown a lot of cultural projects by the polish group and some were really interesting and even inspiring, especially one site with a map of historical sites over all of Poland, it was full of historical information, but what really stood out was also its amazing aesthetic which personally even reminded me of a videogame which showed a really interesting approach to interesting younger people in history. It was a great experience, which we enjoyed to the fullest. 


December 9, 2021

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