Italy - City of Magenta

The Museum of the Battle of Magenta

Magenta played a fundamental role in the journey towards the Unity of Italy. From Magenta and its territory the process of unification of our country started: here, on June 4, 1859, a historic battle was fought that makes our city famous even today in Italy and in the world. Episode of the Second War of Independence that saw the Austrians and the Franco-Piedmontese face each other, it marked, opening the door to the liberation of Milan from Austrian domination, one of the most significant pages in the history of Italy for the conquest of independence and for the realization of the University.

The Municipal Administration has worked to ensure that more and more Magenta is recognized as the ‘City of Unity of Italy’, whose history inextricably linked to that of our country. In the same spirit another ambitious project was born: the ‘Museum of Battle – Magenta protagonist of the Risorgimento’ housed in casa Giacobbe, the historic building of the Battle of Magenta ́ that shows on the main façade, deliberately left after the restoration, the signs of the fighting of June 4, 1859 in memory of the Battle that opened the doors to the liberation of Milan. The Museum, which allows a complete educational path on the Battle of Magenta, aims to consolidate magenta’s tourist vocation and to pass on the knowledge of the history of our city where an important page of the Italian Risorgimento was written.

The exhibition of Casa Giacobbe is realized with the help of resources of the European Union, the Italian State and the Lombardy Region that admitted and financed the work through a call for the ‘protection and enhancement of natural and cultural heritage’.

Adress: Via IV Giugno, Magenta

Schedule: Tuesdays: 8:30 - 14:00

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