Active Bulgarian Society (ABS) is a youth organization that was created using imagination to improve existing potential and surrounding environment with fresh and positive ideas. What solidifies it is the passion to take the initiative and involve young people in social life, through European Mobility and Training programs.

Together with focus on networking and determination for future development, Active Bulgarian Society applies an innovative approach to develop youngsters through deep involvement in the activities of the organization. It is involved in the field of mobility learning such as organising and being partners in many training courses, youth exchanges, volunteer initiatives, active European citizenship activities, sport, cultural, social, seminars, conferences. 

ABS helps young people to improve their skills and social awareness, share experiences and ideas, integrate them within the multinational environment of the EU, facilitate cooperation, create new joint initiatives, increase their social awareness, and promote healthy lifestyle. In particular, it concentrates on youth and young adults that have fewer opportunities and/or disadvantaged backgrounds. 

ABS is based in Blagoevgrad, cooperating successfully with the public institutions, universities, other local and foreign NGOs mainly in the field of non-formal and informal education and active youth participation.



2. Hanta Associates Limited

Hanta Associates Limited is a member of the Hanta Associates Group, the ‘Lead Organization’ in a consortium (the Hanta Consortium) that helped deliver the ‘Future Jobs Fund’ project for the DWP from late 2009 to 2011.

The consortium helped facilitate in excess of 250 FJF job-starts, a significant proportion of which eventually became long-term employment. Having built up significant expertise and having forged employment connections with several firms, Hanta Associates Limited helped institutions deliver their apprenticeship, work-placement and/or internship programmes.

Hanta Associates’ organized mobilities and training for students, collaborating with a number of colleges from Europe.Groups were welcomed from Spain, Malta, France, Italy, Slovakia, Lithuania and more.

The students conducted their internships in many sectors including logistics, photography, mechanics to visual arts, marketing and retail services.

Hanta Associates provided a complete “360-degree” service that not only focused on providing and organising work placements, but also on developing and sustaining the facilities and resources necessary to enable a smooth progression through the programme including training, accommodation, travel and recreation.

Hanta Associates was also involved in the EaSi transnational partnership which focused on EU citizens over 30 years old currently unemployed.


In addition to its Dublin, Ireland, offices, Hanta has offices in the UK and UAE, with a network of employer contacts, and has forged links with placement partners in several EU countries, as well as a number of large employers in the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman.

3. Young Effect Association

Young Effect Association is a non-profit organization created in 2009. 

It is an independent association and undertakes to carry out the following prerogatives:

Ø  Promotion of youth mobility in Europe and the rest of the world.

Ø  Non-formal education on intercultural youth dialogue and human rights.

Ø  Inclusion of youth in the civil society independently of their race, religion, gender and level of instruction.

Ø  Promotion of interest in development of historical, environmental, cultural and economic resources in the local territory.

Ø  Offer training, seminars or similar activities at local, national and international level.

Young Effect Association is officially recognized by the municipality of Magenta in Lombardian region and Milano metropolitan district of Italy.

The Association is working with a specific methodology; the youth involved comes from small communities, where social and cultural opportunities are few.

Moreover, it has many partnerships with local cultural, art, theatre and sport associations as well with several groups of youngsters.


Young Effect was involved in more the 40 international projects in Europe, Asia and Africa and it was promoter in Italy of 3 international projects about rural development, immigration and conflicts resolution. In 2017 Young Effect has been the official promoter of the program “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” for Milano Metropolitan City and started a cooperation with the Youth Centre of Milano (Informa Giovani) in order to implement local initiatives 

4. GOK

Gminny Ośrodek Kultury creates different ways of participating in culture for the benefit of a wide crowd of residents of the Dywity Commune, regardless of their social status, wealth, age, exclusion or disability; is rooted in tradition ↔ modern, open to dialogue, evolving along with the changing needs of the local community.

Since 2003, a special motive of the team of the Gminny Ośrodek Kultury  is to explore the possibility of using a rural cultural institution as a vehicle, thanks to which it is possible to transform existing forms of activity (circles of interest, organization of events, and protection of cultural heritage) into dynamic forms: initiatives, projects, shares. They also depart from the term cultural education, in favor of animation, the joy of being the subject / perpetrator of creative processes, creation. Their mission is to include: “Laboratory creating space for active participation in culture”.

On a daily basis, the Gminny Ośrodek Kultury organizes cultural activities. In our regular classes: children, teenagers, adults and seniors do art works, theater, dance, music and many others. We also organize all kinds of cultural events, mainly promoting our regional culture. The employees of the Gminny Ośrodek Kultury are a group of qualified professionals in the field of culture and art. Their mission is to share our knowledge for the development of our regional culture.



Gminny Ośrodek Kultury is a meeting place for local people connected with culture and art. Especially for them, they organize workshops for their artistic development.

Artistic events organized by staff are focused on building relationships between local artists to enable them to build social bonds and the opportunity to present their products.