Preserving alesto`s cultural heritage

The last team, but not the last, the “archaeologists”, was faced with a challenge and the story from which the challenge to which those who came into the skin of archaeologists was subjected began sounds like this…

Dear archaeologists, welcome to Alesto, a fishing town laden with history and culture, on the albatross seaside. Alesto was once a thriving city, rich economically and culturally, with hardworking and enterprising people, extremely skilled at fishing. Proof of the flourishing times lies in the Pontides temple, erected by the locals to the God of the Sea who was watching over the well-being and prosperity of this place. Over time, riches made the inhabitants of Alesto increasingly selfish, careless, ruthless and devoid of love. Angry at the transformation of the people, the God of the sea gathered the clouds over Alesto, and the unleashed flood swallowed the Pontides temple and buried the riches of the place, leaving behind poverty and pain. Today, thousands of years away, Alesto has rebuilt, and more and more investors are coming to build and transform the city into a tourist center. Excavations by the builders who will erect stately, modern buildings here have revealed the buried treasures of the ancient city of Alesto and the ruins of the Temple of Pontides.

You are a team of archaeologists who arrived in the area to stop the builders from destroying the historical and heritage objects of the old fortress. How will you proceed to preserve and enhance your heritage?”


This is what the story and challenge for the team of archaeologists sounds like. The young people who got into the character’s shoes got to work and shaped a strategy to preserve and enhance the heritage of Alesto. They chose to do this in twosteps:

  • 1. Inform people about the value of their own cultural heritage by creating information and promotion campaigns, such as “Know your roots – build your future”.

    2. To convince people with the help of sustainable development and by turning archaeological sites into attractions for tourists.

The conclusion of young archaeologists is as follows: RESTORING=TOURISTS ATTRACTION=TOURISTS=MONEY

July 5, 2021

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