Social Entrepreneurs 2 BE

Training for Cultural Managers & Social Entrepreneurs 2nd

The main aim of this training is to ensure the quality and impact of the Intellectual Outputs created by the experts of each partner. This will be done by applying, testing and evaluating them by the youth workers during the sessions. By organising this training course, we plan to prepare 30 youth workers regularly involved in activities with youngsters (including NEET, fewer opportunities, refugees and migrants) on how to use IO2 – Booklet Cultural Managers & Social Entrepreneurs. 

Location: Magenta, Italy.

Period: 07-2021.

The objectives of the training are:

Ø  To develop understanding about the potential of using social entrepreneurship and Cultural Heritage as mean to fight unemployment among youth;
Ø  To increase the knowledge of youth workers regarding aspects like social businesses, marketing, European funds and non-formal methods for entrepreneurial learning;
Ø  To develop skills to use innovative practices and methods in direct work with young people – related to Social Entrepreneurship domain;
Ø  To experience methods / tools within IO2 – Booklet Cultural Managers & Social Entrepreneurs;
Ø  To create new instruments / methods for youth workers to be included in IO2 – Booklet Cultural Managers & Social Entrepreneurs;
Ø  To develop follow-up activities targeting unemployed young people.

The methods that will be used inside the activity are pure facilitation methods, generally used in a non-formal context of learning (like storytelling, theatre plays, debates, role plays, World Cafe, Open Space, Living Library, others).