The Granary Of Corbetta

It was built by the municipality in the ’30. It is in the city center of Corbetta (Magenta district). It was build as a consortium for agricultural purpose working until 1980, then it was abandoned till the 2000 when it became an historical preservation building. At the moment it is still abandoned but private propriety. In order to be renovated it needs to follow the ministry of art guidelines as it needs to maintain the original internal and external structure.

Right now it is not possible to visit it because of safety and security reasons but it would be great to restore it in order to make the citizen use it for cultural events.

The building it’s in the middle of the city and the current status doesn’t give a great contribution to the beauty of Corbetta. We need to restore it because the building is deeply connected to the territory as before urbanization the area was very important for all sorts of agricultural production and this building was the main headquarter and source of market in this field.

Once renovated, the granary could be used as a place for cultural exchange between new and old generation and a place for the stakeholders to meet and organize cultural events. In a prospective of sustainable, eco-friendly and Zero Km food the granary could be also used as market for the local farming activities.


February 5, 2022

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