Utopia`s restorers

Another team, this time “restorers”, other ideas for preserving and promoting traditions and culture, with the help of imagination and personal example for the community. But let’s find out what started the adventure of our restorers.

            Welcome to Utopia, a city of the future with 500,000 inhabitants. It’s 2050, and Utopia is in full development. Buildings scratch clouds, glass and metal, green roofs with gardens and greenhouses, suspended roads, modern technologies, infrastructure for autonomous vehicles and drones. On the outskirts, we find the ruins of the old fortress, walls and columns, abandoned buildings of churches and museums, pots and handicrafts, which remind us of what Utopia was until modern technologies developed, a cradle of civilizations that laid the historical, cultural and economic foundations.

You are part of the group of restaurateurs who seised the task of bringing back to life and highlighting the cultural heritage of Utopia. How will you proceed? ” 


A difficult and challenging task at first sight for our team of restaurateurs. But let’s see how the young people who came into the shoes of restaurateurs thought of bringing back to life and highlighting the cultural heritage of Utopia, the city in our imaginary story.

            For a start, restaurateurs thought to go on four major segments that they would like to bring to the fore and highlight – culturally, economically, the old city in ruin and the historic buildings.

            They will do so by promoting and re-sustaining the historic centre that will become an attraction for tourists, promote and encourage local businesses, and support family businesses.

            We can conclude that Utopia of yesteryear will add value to the community, current economy, tourism and cultural heritage, and technologies will blend perfectly with the modern and fresh vision of the restaurateurs. If Utopia existed, I would certainly be among the tourists. Would you take a journey to discover Utopia between old and new? 

July 5, 2021

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